Premiere at IWA Outdoor Classics 2022

Leading supplier of thermal imaging equipment and solutions, HIKMICRO, presents itself for the first time at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg.

HIKMICRO celebrates its IWA debut in 2022. HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in thermal technology innovation, the company offers thermal cores, modules, cameras, total solutions and also night vision products, which can be used in outdoor, industrial and security industry globally, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

A focus for the trade fair will be the latest developments from HIKMICRO, in their GRYPHON and PANTHER series. With the GRYPHON series, HIKMICRO is taking a completely new approach to thermal imaging optics. By merging classic thermal imaging and digital night vision technology, the handheld devices offer a new image experience, never seen before in such a compact design. Boasting six different colour modes to display heat sources, the series comprises three models – one model with a large 640×512 12 µm VOx sensor and two models with a smaller 384×288 12 µm VOx sensor. They are also available as LRF versions with integrated laser rangefinders.


The brand-new GRYPHON GQ50L will celebrate its world premiere at IWA 2022. With a 50-millimetre lens, a 640×512 VOX sensor and 12 μm pixel pitch, the GQ50L represents a new top of the line product in the GRYPHON series. This is why the GRYPHON is the ultimate companion for hunting grounds with big, open areas.


GRYPHON GQ50L Specifications


The HIKMICRO PANTHER series offers incredible detection capabilities thanks to the powerful 12 µm VOx sensor and an F1.0 aperture lens — making it possible to detect a 1.7-metre target at distances up to 2,600 meters. The integrated laser rangefinder also allows the user to precisely determine the distance. Another special feature is the video function: 50 frames per second in full-screen mode provides smooth videos of dynamic scenes. The robust metal housing offers a high shock resistance of up to 750 g/ms, able to cope with the recoil of larger calibers such as a .375 H&H or 9.3×64. In addition, the IP67-certified attachments are dustproof and waterproof to a maximum depth of one meter for a duration of 30 minutes. The PANTHER series incorporates four models — two with 384×288 12 µm VOx sensors and two with the larger 640×512 12 µm VOx sensor.


For countries where thermal imaging scopes are not (yet) allowed, HIKMICRO offers the ideal solution: the thermal clip-on THUNDER series, which has already enjoyed great popularity.


The THUNDER TH35PC is the latest member of the family and replaces the extremely successful TH35C. Launching at IWA 2022, the TH35PC offers a VOX sensor with 384×288 pixels and a pitch of 12 μm. With an improved battery life of up to four and a half hours, the TH35PC is an evolution of the previous top-selling model, integrating developments from the field.


TH35PC Specifications


HIKMICRO is also breaking new ground in terms of the power supply of their devices, utilizing exchangeable, rechargeable batteries. Each device includes two batteries as well as an external charger by HIKMICRO for maximum flexibility.


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High-resolution images of the product and application are available for download using the following LINK.


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