HIKMICRO OUTDOOR NATURE: Packed Ready, Outdoors Not Only in Sight

Outdoor Nature
Packed ready, outdoors not only in sight

Birding/Animal Searching/Conservation

Search and identify hidden birds and other wildlife from the surroudings in low-light conditions. 


Capture and share outdoor moments in a new way from woodland walks to mountain adventures or stay safe in total dark.


Find missing persons and casualties in bush or jungle scenarios; locate victims in a fire and hot spots in smoky conditions.


Monotor marine surface conditions including suspicious vessels and reef collisions; locate overboard man to reduce boating accidents. 



High image quality

When searching and identifying hidden birds and other wildlife, it is pivotal that high quality images are delivered especially in twilight or at night or in foggy weather, improving the searching efficiency and precision. For example, the braches or leaves will stand out clearly in front of the birds regardless of the weather conditions.

Wide FOV

With an impressive FOV, viewing and searching in wide areas will never be a hardship. Whenever the animals are running over the fields or birds are flying between branches, Outdoor Gear Family can keep them in sight.

Digital zoom

After finding the targets, a powerful digital zoom can help enhance the local details, makes it possible to precisely identify the smallest features in the plumage and reliably distinguish between species. 

Multiple Palettes

Multiple palettes are provided to meet different observation needs. For example, red hot gives clear heat signatures, suitable for a quick detection; black hot and white hot give high contrast, more suitable for recognition.




Explore the outdoors from a different view

Instead of seeing by a light source, thermal technology gives access to enjoy the outdoors in a completely new way - it captures and displays the heat source from observed objects. Wildlife even good at camouflage are easy to be found and never missed despite being in total darkness. 

Easy to share

Inspiring sceneries are always attractive bases for outdoor enthusiasts. With convenient operations and an integrated hotspot, you can save and share wonderful moments of adventuring or traveling with others in real time.

Compact, lightweight but reliable

When strolling in the park or on a long walking tour, you don’t want unwieldy equipment to be the largest obstacle. With a lightweight and compact format, Outdoor Gear Family is easy to carry around. Also, the rugged metal housing material prevents sweat, rain, mist, and dew from corroding, making them perfect for constant and hard use.


High image quality

Even if you are in the in the toughest wilderness conditions and get separated from your partner, there is no need to panic.  The Outdoor Gear Family provide more detailed and high-contrast, informative images even in low-light conditions, making it easy to identify and distinguish lost partner quickly.

Long detection and recognition range

When searching or locating objects over a long distance in complex surroundings, the Outdoor Gear Family also have an advantage of long detection range, largely improving the efficiency during rescuing.




All-In-One solution

Fog and high humidity significantly degrade the contrast of optical views. The all-in-one solution has no fear of weather or time. Whether you're in low-light conditions or a sudden thunderstorm, HIKMICRO's multi-spectrum products provide unprecedented observation capability in thermal or true living color to break through your visual limitation. 

Impressive detail recognition

It is also important for navigators to be able to distinguish between friend and foe, and our devices can deliver high contrast images with precise tracing of contours with the enhanced self-developed image processing algorithm for safe navigation.

Functions for precise locating

Accidents in open water could occur frequently, requiring effective safety supervision over a large area. With smart functions including LRF, GPS, DMC etc., users can locate the exact position of objects through the precise measurement of the distance.

High-quality reinforced housing

Combining an IP67 waterproof-rated protection level, the rugged metal housing material protect against external mechanical, temperature and climatic influences, allowing the device to support the long lasting use even at sea.


*Device benefits are subject to actual products

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