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Cámara termográfica compacta de alto rendimiento para profesionales

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The Best HIKMICRO Hunting Gear in 2023
HIKMICRO has all options covered to meet every hunter's needs with sharp viewing, wide field of view, long detection range, excellent battery runtime, easy operation and numerous market-leading features. HIKMICRO devices boast robust build quality to stand up to the rigours of serious field use and are very competitively priced. This innovative range of optics includes dedicated riflescopes, clip-ons, monoculars and binoculars for round-the-clock viewing.
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How To Start Foxing: All the Kit you Need for Foxing
Robin Foxer, a hunter from the United Kingdom, takes us through the essential kit you will need if you plan to get started in foxing, describing his own foxing experience and some helpful tips.
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The HIKMICRO CONDOR LRF – Seeing is Believing
HIKMICRO states its key priorities for product performance as image quality, useability and reliability, and the new CONDOR LRF thermal monocular – which incorporates a very useful laser rangefinder – certainly ticks those boxes.
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