A powerful and intuitive APP designed for industrial thermal cameras.
No.1 Scan and Connect Easily
Connecting your smartphone or tablet to a thermal camera is faster and easier now with the HIKMICRO Viewer App by simply scanning the QR code of the camera's hotspot.
No.2 Download On-Device Images and Sharing
Browser the stored images or videos in your HIKMICRO thermal camera through Viewer App and download them to your mobile device's album directly whenever you want. And then you can share those thermal findings with one tap as you need.
N0.3 Live View and Remote Control
HIKMICRO Viewer App unlocks the full potential of your thermal camera by granting users total control of main parameters while a live view streaming from a distance, helping infrared inspectors work safely in hard-to-reach locations or harsh work environments.
N0.4 Radiometric Image Analysis
Use the App for professional radiometric image manipulation and analysis. It allows you to thermally adjust levels and spans with one touch, add measurements, switch image modes, change color palettes, adjust parameters, and more.
No.5 Generate Report in the Field
Allows you to quickly generate reports in the field and share them with customers or managers.
No.6 Firmware Upgrade
The HIKMICRO Viewer App will automatically notify you when a firmware update is available for your connected thermal imager. Simply click on the reminder and get updated firmware instantly.


*Note: The above information is for reference only, the produce in kind prevails.

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