All-in-one design meets the need of all-day & all-weather observation
Outstanding Image Algorithm
Self-developed image algorithm optimizes image quality, bringing users a high-definition and cleaner picture, highlighting the edge of the object.
Advanced Technology
1.New Way to Control
The wheel is used for menu selection and zooming, making the operation more natural. Each rotation delivers an excellent sense of control to users.
2.Advanced VOx 12µm Imaging Sensor
The powerful VOx 12µm imaging sensor with NETD<35mK ensure the perfect distinction of the target and present clear and detailed pictures even in complete darkness.
3.Replaceable Battery
Two batteries and a HIKMICRO external battery charger are included in the package box, which gives the freedom to observe as long as needed even a full day.


*Note:The thermal pictures are for reference only, the actual effect shall prevail.

*Legislation governing firearms and hunting sets out special conditions for the purchase, ownership, and use of thermal imaging devices.

Please always check national provisions and regulations before purchase or use.

You can download the frimware below and update via PC, or you can update the device via HIKMICRO Sight App directly.
Gryphon&Gryphon LRF
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