Ultra-high performance and maximum flexibility
Owered by HIKMICRO SuperlR image enhancement technology, images are upscaled 4X to deliver highly detailed live and recorded radiometric images for inspection and reporting.
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One-second fast focusing
Support for 5 focus modes (Laser-Assisted AF, Continuous AF, AF, Manual Focus, Touch AF) with a fast focus speed of 1 second to match your workflow, optimize image clarity, and ensure measurement accuracy.
Flexible Rotating Lens and Screen
The 90° rotating screen and the 180° rotating lens design help to easily view the area around, between, above, or below the target. Keeping a safe distance allows for equally flexible inspections.
OLED Viewfinder
The SP60/60H includes a 1024x768 OLED viewfinder to target items at longer distances and eliminate sun glare.
Up to 2200°C Temperature Range
With a measurement range of up to 2200°C (3992°F), it can handle industrial furnace applications, refractory, and inspecting tools/fixtures in metal smelting at these extreme temperatures. (*SP40H/SP60H)
Extensive Range of Interchangeable Lenses
Interchangeable lenses allow you to pick the field of view for your inspections. Different lenses have different fields of view, giving you more options for different scenarios to see and capture more detailed images and to measure small problems more accurately.
Need help determining the best lens for your application based on distance,FOV or Size? Click below to access our Spot Size Calculator tool.
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Continuous Digital Zoom
1.0x to 12.0x continuous digital zoom provides more image details.
Precise, Flexible, Stable Microscope Stand
Paired with a macro lens, it transforms into a thermal imaging microscope suitable for scenarios requiring temperature observation of tiny details. Connect with HIKMICRO Analyzers for real-time viewing and analysis.
1-Tap Level & Span
Supports 3-level/span modes (manual, automatic, and 1-Tap) to help to instantly improve image contrast and highlight potential problems.
Complete Image Annotations
Quickly annotate your images with voice, text or QR codes. Add GPS and compass direction to outdoor images to include geolocation data.
Rugged, Durable, Designed for Outdoors
The entire SP Series is built to withstand water and dust intrusion to IP54 standards and is drop tested to 1 meter. Its 5” 1280x720 touchscreen dynamically adapts to surrounding light conditions and displays vivid and clear details even in direct sunlight.
Embedded Laser Distance Meter
An integrated laser distance meter provides accurate distance and area measurement from long distances, more convenient in setting parameters and generating the report.
5 Image Modes
Thermal, Fusion, PIP, Blending and Visual modes to suit your preferred.
Interchangeable Battery System
Includes 2 interchangeable Li-ion batteries and a dual bay charger to provide you with up to 8 hours of operation. 
You can stay powered up for even the longest inspections.
HIKMICRO Analyzer is a powerful and free licensed PC software designed to help users manage and analyze thousands of thermal images and videos and quickly create professional reports. Compatible with files from HIKMICRO handheld thermal cameras, providing the features you need to simplify your workflow and increase your productivity.
Conveniently Share Images and Reports
Connect HIKMICRO Viewer App via Wi-Fi to transfer photos or videos from camera to mobile device.
Analyze, share images, and generate reports in real-time on-site.
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*Note: The above information is for reference only, the produce in kind prevails.

Aug 9, 2023

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