As a leading global supplier of infrared cameras, sensors, and complete IR solutions,

HIKMICRO is uniquely positioned to partner with you to achieve NFPA 70B compliance.

What is the NFPA 70B requirement regarding thermal imaging?
In 2023, NFPA updated 70B from a recommended practice to a requirement including mandatory thermography inspections (Section for all electrical connections and terminations. Inspection intervals for Equipment Condition 1 and 2 are 12-Months and for Condition 3, 6-Months (Table 9.2.2).
What are the requirements for NFPA 70B infrared inspections?
Inspections shall be performed by trained personnel with calibrated thermal cameras, and electrical systems under normal loading with a clear line of sight to the components. Temperature differentials (DeltaT, Dt, ΔT) of an area of concern and a reference (similar component under similar loading or ambient air temperature) must be documented.
What are the NFPA 70B IR Camera Requirements?
NFPA requires all test equipment that provides measurements to have calibration traceable to a national standard and to maintain that calibration at an appropriate interval to ensure accuracy. All of our recommended infrared cameras for NFPA 70B Inspections include calibration and our California service center provides easy access to repairs and recalibration. In addition, our solutions include DeltaT to quickly inspect and document your inspection.

HIKMICRO M30, G31, G61H, SP40, and SP60 IR cameras provide high-resolution thermal imaging capabilities for commercial, industrial, or utility applications, as well as onboard DeltaT and reporting capabilities.

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