HIKMICRO offers a range of solutions for building diagnostics, electrical, industrial, mechanical/automotive, HVAC, and Utility applications.


Automation/Continuous Monitoring Thermal and visible continuous duty industrial solutions.


Three softwares, including HIKMICRO Analyzer for PC, HIKMICRO Studio for PC, and HIKMICRO Viewer App for smartphone.

Professional Product Experience

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HIKMICRO Delivers Energy and Cost Savings through Thermal Imagery This Winter
HIKMICRO, the fast growing thermal imaging equipment and solutions company, is leading the fight for energy conservation and cost-effectiveness with its Thermography product series, providing home and business owners an opportunity to get ahead of the issues.
Using Thermal Cameras To Find Electrical Faults
As most electricians know, heat is the byproduct of an operating electrical circuit. Excessive heat is also a way for service technicians to identify any hot spots and potentially dangerous electrical faults. These faults can increase costs through equipment failure, additional repairs, and service interruptions for business or related facilities.
Key Thermal Imaging Applications
Everything on the planet produces infrared radiation, or heat. We cannot perceive it with the naked eye, but it can be detected with thermal imaging cameras. This modern technology, once available exclusively to the military, is now used in almost every industry.
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