Thermal Monocular

HIKMICRO thermal monocular is designed to give outdoor enthusiasts a portable way to see more in nature. It provides distance measurement to help them keep track of an animal.

Thermal Binocular

HIKMICRO thermal binocular HIKMICRO thermal binocular offers excellent image quality in thermal or true living color during day and night in adverse weather conditions.

Thermal Scope

HIKMICRO thermal scope gives hunters the confidence that they can accurately see their target, improving their aim, whatever the weather conditions.

Thermal Clip-On

HIKMICRO thermal clip-on is designed for traditional day scopes, which offers better image performance at night.

Digital Night Vision Scope

HIKMICRO Digital Night Vision Scope can perform in all ambient light that is present. Even the human eye cannot recognize details of targets.

Digital Night Vision Clip-On

HIKMICRO Digital Night Vision Clip-On captures any objects in great detail and transforms quickly between clip-on, monocular and scope.

Digital Night Vision Monocular

HIKMICRO Dight Night Vision Monocular is perfect for various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, birdwatching, etc.


HIKMICRO Sight is a comprehensive APP designed for outdoor devices. It's an all-in-one solution that supports picture and video preview and download, remote control and etc.

Legislation governing firearms and hunting sets out special conditions for the purchase, ownership, and use of thermal imaging devices.

Please always check national provisions and regulations before purchase or use.


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