HIKMICRO in Wildlife Voluntary: Wildlifehilfe Auenland

25 apr. 2021

Sina Jakubzig run The wildlife reception station of the public beneficial Wildtierhilfe Auenland e.V. on a purely voluntary basis, and the small village of Mulenbarbek locate in Schleswig-Holstein. The station specializes in raising wild mammalian babies and works closely with various wild life stations, veterinary practices, police services and local hunters to help the needy (orphaned, sick or injured) young animals as much as possible.

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Unlike animal shelters, which need to be supported by municipalities, wildlife stations are financed purely from donations and, like Sina Jakubzig, are partly financed privately HIKMICRO supports the station Auenland with a donation of material, a new thermal imaging camera that allows the identification of animals even in absolute darkness at the greatest distance.

[“Jedes Jahr werden viele einzelne unterversorgte Wildtierbabys zur Wildtierstation gebracht. Meist handelt es sich dabei um Eichhörnchenbabys, die beim Sturm aus dem Kobel fallen, Igelbabys, deren Nester zerstört wurden, oder Kitze, deren Mütter verunfallten. Bevor Fressfeinde die Jungen finden, sie unterkühlen oder verhungern, können wir nun diese hilflosen Tierbabys durch den Einsatz einer Wärmebildkamera retten”]


"Every year, many single undersupplied wildlife babies are taken to the wildlife station. They are mostly squirrel babies that fall out of the drey during the storm, hedgehog babies whose nests have been destroyed, or fawns whose mothers had an accident. We now can save these helpless animal babies by using a thermal imaging camera before the predators find the boys. Also, the bad environment made them freeze or starve to death.” Sina Jakubzig is pleased.



By the way: a visit to the website “www.wildtierhilfe-auenland.de” definitely worth it! It contains information such as distinguishing of animal babies in need, first aid measures, data from other wildlife stations, education programs).