HIKMICRO Delivers Energy and Cost Savings through Thermal Imagery This Winter

2022. nov. 30.

HIKMICRO, the fast growing thermal imaging equipment and solutions company, is leading the fight for energy conservation and cost-effectiveness with its Thermography product series, providing home and business owners an opportunity to get ahead of the issues.

As the world continues to feel the impact of the energy crisis, the need to find solutions and save energy has never been more pressing. According to Bloomberg, even though gas prices have lowered in recent weeks, public health authorities are worried about higher energy costs that will leave Europeans unable to heat their homes this winter.

Minimizing energy use in buildings and improving thermal performance are vital steps to take to increase sustainability and energy efficiency, and this is where HIKMICRO can be a valuable helping hand. The Energy Saving Trust estimated properly sealing gaps and insulating homes could save consumers on average at least £390 this winter.


Thermal equipment to discover the otherwise undetectable

Thermography can and should be utilized to discover otherwise undetectable heat, air, and moisture anomalies in buildings, ensuring that building inspections are achieving their purpose in surfacing problems that can be fixed. And thermography is not just for professional contractors, homeowners can use a thermal imaging camera to discover potential savings, showing up exactly where the hotspots for heat loss are.

Products such as HIKMICRO’s Thermography line consist of infrared thermal images that provide non-destructive and non-contact temperature measurement and analysis, which can be used effectively in many areas of building inspections. Whether solid or cavity walls, floors, lofts, and windows, thermal imaging cameras quickly and accurately identify where you need to make adjustments to reduce heat loss.

Application Scenarios

This includes insulation efficiency and coverage, where gaps can lead to energy loss and increase overall energy costs, as well as air infiltration or leaks, another problem that can increase heating and cooling bills while also affecting air quality.

Other uses encompass areas such as locating thermal bridging, identifying the location and routes of sub-surface pipes of radiant floor heating systems, uncovering water leaks and infiltration, aiding in the evaluation of the electrical system, detecting temperature anomalies in plumbing, and helping to evaluate energy efficient and use more accurately. 

Be it in the areas of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning, and Cooling), utilities, mining, or inspections, energy audits, and photovoltaic inspection; thermography plays a hugely important role.

How HIKMICRO can Help

Visible light image VS Thermal image

Depending on the needs, several solutions are available to consumers from the company under their new #SaveYourEnergyBills campaign. The G and SP Series are excellent for use in exterior inspections, with optional auto-recognition interchangeable lenses covering both narrow and distant targets. For interior inspections, users can count on the B, Pocket, and M series to wirelessly stream videos, analyze thermal imagery, and create reports that contain useful information.

Measuring up against the competition, HIKMICRO’s products have a temperature measurement sensitivity of less than 40mk, which can identify subtle temperature changes, while others may need 60mK and 70mK. These products also provide better image quality, with a higher frame rate of up to 25Hz as opposed to the sub-9Hz standard elsewhere, and a fast response to movement that makes capturing high-speed motion easy.

Pocket2 Thermal Imaging Camera

One such product is HIKMICRO’s Pocket Series, equipped with a high-resolution HIKMICRO VOx 256 x 192 (49,152 pixels) detector, a high-resolution configurable 2MP, 5MP, 8 MP optical lens, and a 3.5in LCD touch screen. The 3 level/span modes (manual, auto, 1-tap) improve the image contrast and help the user locate faults faster and more efficiently and to measure temperatures more accurately.

HIKMICRO also provides a longer warranty period of 2 years for the battery, 3 years for the whole machine, and 10 years for the detector, all for an affordable price that is made even better with elevated performance.

HIKMICRO's range of thermal products can help detect hidden energy loss points and empower consumers to resolve energy leaks, save energy and reduce bills in your own house.

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Consider Current and Future Needs

There are so many applications for thermal imaging that it is important to know how you will use it and why you want to add it to your toolbox. Instead of attempting to meet many needs, focus on meeting the needs of the primary users. Otherwise, choosing a thermal imaging device for general use risks ending up with one that meets no one’s needs and therefore is not used.

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