HIKMICRO, a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions, is seeking to help consumers 'See the World in a New Way' with its new product lineups, which will be showcased at The Great British Shooting Show (BSS) and IWA Outdoor Classics (IWA).


HIKMICRO is introducing three new thermal and digital day & night vision products to further extend its provision of market-leading optics for outdoor enthusiasts. The after-dark and daytime viewing potential of the HEIMDAL, EXPLORER and LYNX cover outdoor pursuits including birding, animal searching, adventuring, and even search and rescue applications. Built to stand up to the rigours of the wilderness, they will enable you to fully embrace the great outdoors and get even closer to nature.



Outdoor adventures like watching wildlife or wild camping will often take you aware from a power supply, but that's not a problem with the Outdoor Gear Family, because all models boast a long operation time to keep you in action right around the clock. Specially designed lenses and displays deliver a super-detailed viewing experience with a wide field of view – perfect for spotting and observing wildlife and essential in a search and rescue scenario.

Lightweight, compact and reliable, optics in the Outdoor Gear Family won't weigh you down and are perfect for capturing and sharing special outdoor moments from woodland walks to mountain adventures. Their day and night capability means they can be enjoyed right around the clock and also enable users to stay safe in the dark, whether tracking wildlife or enjoying excitement of camping no matter at day or night. Controls are simple and intuitive, and menus can quickly be accessed and set through a mobile phone, so capturing the moment is easy – even in complete darkness or when faced with challenging weather conditions – while connectivity with the Sight app opens up a world of opportunities.

Whatever your outdoor viewing and sharing demands, the HIKMICRO Outdoor Gear Family has got it covered.





A great option to carry when travelling, camping or enjoying outdoor entertainment like music concerts and sports games, the HEIMDAL is a digital day & night vision monocular. It boasts an after-dark detection range of up to 200m, boosted by a built-in 850nm IR torch, as well as crisp colour viewing by day to keep you clearly in the picture right around the clock. Perfect for image and video sharing, this compact monocular has hotspot connectivity to enjoy the benefits of the Sight App.

The HEIMDAL's features include 1.39 inch AMOLED display for enhanced viewing vivid images and reduced eye fatigue, Smart IR, a replaceable rechargeable battery with four-hour runtime and up to 8x digital zoom to get you closer to those special moments. Compact and lightweight, it boasts impressive viewing even in foggy weather and is built to stand up to tough outdoor conditions.

This discreet little unit fits in the palm of your hand, and easily slips into your day bag – so you can keep it handy and never miss a chance to capture beautiful scenarios and outdoor highlights.





The super-compact EXPLORER thermal camera pairs with your phone to deliver awesome 24/7 viewing, revealing the heat signatures of people, animals and other heat sources by day and night. This tiny unit weighs just 26g and is about the size of a watch, making it ideal for pursuing outdoor activities when you don't want to be weighed down by bulky kit. The EXPLORER packs a lot into its tiny frame, including a 12µm thermal camera with 9.7mm lens, ensuring a wild 18.1°x13.6° / 31.8mx23.8m @100m wild FOV. These proportions make it a great choice for enjoying the great outdoors whether bird searching or observing nature on camping trips. It is also very well suited to ground search and rescue applications, with detection range out to 900m and 6 different operating modes, dependable performance make easy work of finding targets and identifying hidden dangers in a variety of outdoor scenarios.

The EXPLORER has a battery-free design with low power consumption so you don't need to worry about finding a power source when you're exploring wild places. Other features include wireless connectivity, 50Hz frame rate, ultra-smooth video and image capture to optimize viewing in a wide range of day and night scenarios.





The palm-sized LYNX and LYNX Pro thermal monocular take the versatility and performance level of day and night viewing to the next level. Developed for the uncompromising adventurer, the LYNX models excel in all outdoor activities. With its large field of view up to 44m@100m, it delivers optical excellence, easy operation and simple sharing whether you're searching wildlife, scaling mountains, camping in the wildness or engaging in challenging search and rescue operations.

High sensitivity 12µm thermal detector, up to 1200m detection range (Pro model) and up to 8x digital zoom gets you closer to the action with clear target distinction and pin-sharp viewing – even in complete darkness. A working time of up to 10 hours ensures lasting performance in the toughest wilderness conditions, while Wi-Fi hotspot function enables connection to the Sight App for remote control, wireless firmware updates and file sharing.

Intuitive controls make the LYNX simple to use by day or night, while its small proportions make it perfect to stow in a backpack or jacket pocket during outdoor expeditions. Photos and videos are stored direct to 8GB onboard memory, so there's no messing around with storage cards. Robust build quality and IP67 waterproof rating mean this unit can withstand everything that nature can throw at it, whether watching wildlife in the rain or tracking targets in sub-zero temperatures.



The Outdoor Gear Family product range takes the HIKMICRO brand into a new realm of outdoor searching, outdoor adventuring and sharing, enriching the experience of an ever-growing variety of wilderness, nature and sporting hobbies. Join us on the adventure.


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