HIKMICRO Equips Modern Outdoorsmen with the Most Advanced Technology

4 jan. 2023

HIKMICRO, a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions, is quickly establishing itself has the brand for the modern hunter, with products like their FALCON and RAPTOR series, powered by the company’s latest technological innovations and industry leading customer support.


Comprehensive solutions for thermal imaging needs

HIKMICRO’s outdoor hunting products offer the modern outdoorsmen the best technology. The FALCON handheld thermal monocular camera boasts higher sensitivity and larger aperture optics with a high-definition sensor, the higher sensitivity in combination with the sensor and larger aperture provides excellent quality with detailed and high-contrast imagery information in all weather conditions. The 12μm high-end thermal sensor and maximum 640x512 pixel resolution guarantee significantly sharp and richly contrasted thermal images, while the 19% improvement in the lens helps capture more infrared radiation for clearer images.

Meanwhile, HIKMICRO’s RAPTOR with its comprehensive design as a combination of a thermal camera, digital day & night camera, and laser rangefinder makes it an all-in-one solution for multiple uses. The powerful handheld thermal and digital night vision binoculars delivers unprecedented observation capability in thermal or true living color both day and night, with purpose-built intelligent features and a design that makes operation intuitive. Users have access to picture-in-picture, GPS and DMC, smart IR, and more when utilizing the RAPTOR out in the wild.

Both product lines are able to bring impressive detail and ultra-clear images thanks to the extremely high thermal sensitivity made possible by HIKMICRO. At NETD<20mk, users can count on perfect detail recognition even in the most adverse of weather conditions.


Bring thermal imaging from the niche to the mainstream

HIKMICRO’s core purpose is to help hunters "quickly and easily discover and locate the target" through technology innovation development in the hunting process. For professional users, the company’s core purpose is to help users "clearly identify targets" and improve the efficiency of discovery and targeting.

The company’s three-year plan for the future is to accelerate the breakthrough of new growth points based on the brand's and products competitive advantages. Future investments will also increase the group’s R&D, category extension and structure optimization, and enter new industries. The aims are to insisting on improve product quality and customer service. HIKMICRO invests over 15% of the annual revenue in R&D and has a complete in-house designing, manufacturing and marketing system. Through the continuous optimization of its internal supply chain system, operation system, R&D production and manufacturing system, and many other aspects, HIKMICRO continues to develop new products and business lines , into more applications to meet market demand, and attract more new users to the thermal imaging industry.


Quality support, doing things the right way

To further enhance the HIKMICRO experience for its customers, the company has several core support pillars in place. Based on its full customer-centric Omni channel coverage, HIKMICRO’s support features offline after-sales service, call center, email, HIKMICRO Sight APP, official website and official social media six important channels. The brand also offers customer service via HIKMICRO local RMA centers and authorized partners covering 70+ countries/regions, call centers in 3 regions, covering 19 countries/regions. 

Support isn’t restricted to service channels either, the HIKMICRO Sight app is an all-in-one solution that supports previewing, remote control, browsing, downloading, and sharing of incredible moments captured using the company’s products while being the best way to get regular firmware updates.

HIKMICRO is committed to quality assurance as well, with users safeguarded by warranties of a year for batteries, three years for the devices, and 10 years for the sensors. Be it the quality system, standards compliance, supply chain system, and more, the company will always ensure that it is doing things the right way and at the best possible quality.

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HIKMICRO celebrates its IWA debut in 2022. HIKMICRO is a leading provider of thermal imaging equipment and solutions. Specializing in thermal technology innovation, the company offers thermal cores, modules, cameras, total solutions and also night vision products, which can be used in outdoor, industrial and security industry globally, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

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