Our Vision: To take thermal products from niche to mass markets.

Our Mission: Expand the boundaries of human perception.



HIKMICRO treats thermal imaging technology as its core, with visible light imaging and ultrasonic technology as additional areas, providing products and solutions to the world. HIKMICRO's products are widely used in the outdoor, industrial, security and safety industries and consumer electronics, etc., serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.




HIKMICRO invests over 15% of the annual revenue in R&D and has a complete in-house designing, manufacturing and marketing system. 








Reliable and solid quality management, one fundamental pillar of business development, is key to the success of HIKMICRO. We are very proud of our full implementation of product lifecycle quality management which meets the leading global standards and obtains many authoritative certifications. The full lifecycle quality management process covers material quality, innovation for design quality, and manufacturing quality. With a 12,000㎡ manufacturing factory, we are capable of producing 1,700,000 pieces of products annually.


Specializing in thermal technology innovation, HIKMICRO provides industry-leading thermal and digital day & night vision monoculars, binoculars, scopes, clip-ons, trail cameras, and thermal cameras for smartphones to apply in hunting and nature scenarios. HIKMICRO offers a new way to explore nature, increasing enjoyment and safety outdoors.



Specializing in thermal technology innovation as well as acoustic technology, HIKMICRO provides handheld thermal imaging cameras, acoustic imaging cameras & leak detectors, fire fighting thermal cameras, and fixed thermography cameras. These products are used widely in building inspections, HVAC, predictive maintenance utility inspection, water leakage detection, personal home maintenance, DIY applications, etc., increasing the safety and efficiency of industrial inspections.


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