Professional Tools For Indoor Water Leak Detection
Two Inspection Modes For Fast Leak Location
HIKMICRO Acoustic Leak Detector AD21 supports quick inspection mode and route inspection mode, which is suitable for different users' habits. HIKMICRO AD21 can quickly locate the scope of the leakage point, improve the detection efficiency, and reduce the loss caused by leakage.
Four Indoor Band Pass Filters
HIKMICRO AD21 is able to receive signals within the 150 Hz to 7500 Hz range. If there are disruptive noises in the environment, by changing the frequencies of the Indoor low frequency and Indoor high frequency you can apply 4 different filters on the sound signals so as to better hear the water leaks.
Easy To Use, More Flexible Setting
Acoustic Leak Detector AD21 features 1024 x 600 resolution, a 7" LCD touch screen and a dual-wheel design that makes parameterization of the AD21 more flexible and easy to use with gloves.
Hearing Protection With High-quality Noise-canceling Headset
HIKMICRO AD21 supports active hearing protection, when affected by large noise beyond the human ear to withstand decibels, with High-quality Noise-canceling Headset HIKMICRO AD21 can automatically stop sound playback to avoid hearing damage.
Rugged & Durable Design
The HIKMICRO AD21 pick-up sensors are IP66 rated and the handheld sensors are IP54 rated, HIKMICRO AD21 passes strict drop tests up to 1.2 meters (3.93 feet) and comes with a two-year warranty.
11 Hrs. Continuous Runtime
Built-in rechargeable battery and battery charging time of 3h up to 90%, and 6h to full charge allow the HIKMICRO AD21 up to 11 hours of continuous operation.
What's In The Box


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Modelo do produto
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Data Storage and Communication
Storage Media
Audio Storage Capacity
Audio File Format
Frequency Range
Signal Noise Ratio
Band Pass Filters
USB Interface
Working Temperature Range
Drop Test Height
Storage Temperature Range
Relative Humidity
Battery Type
Battery Operating Time
Battery Charging Time
Protection Level
Image Display
Screen Brightness
Built-in EMMC(4GB)
Approx. 20 hours
hand held sensor,Pick-up sensor
Indoor low frequency 150Hz to 3000Hz
Indoor mid-frequency 3000Hz to 6000Hz
Indoor high frequency 4500Hz to 7500Hz
Indoor all-pass 150Hz to 7500Hz
USB 2.0,USB Type-C
-10 °C to 50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
1.2 m(3.93 ft)
Main Unit: 821g(1.81 lb)
Hand held sensor:239g(0.53 lb)
Pick-up sensor:490g(1.08 lb)
Headset:214g(0.47 lb)
Standard package:3000g(6.61 lb)
-40 °C to 70 °C (-34 °F to 142 °F)
<90 % non-condensing
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
3h to 90%,6h to full charge
Main Unit:IP40;
Hand held sensor:IP54;
Pick-up sensor:IP66;
1024 × 600 Resolution,7"LCD Touch Screen
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