The HIKHunter Family

The HIKHunter Family is a community designed for enthusiasts and professionals who are passionate about exploring the outdoor through hunting. Our community is dedicated to providing a space where individuals can share their experiences, exchange on the hunting experience with the latest in hunting gear technology especially thermal and digital imaging and connect with like-minded hunters who share a common love for the great outdoors. 

At the HIKHunter Family, we offer exclusive online and offline events, additional product benefits, access to professional hunting knowledge, personalized customer services, and member-only discounts and offers, etc.  




HIKHunter+ is a select group of devoted and ethical hunters from our HIKHUNTER Family. These experienced individuals share a deep passion for HIKMICRO's innovative products and brand culture. Enthusiastic about the great outdoors, they explore innovative hunting gear technology to enhance their experiences and are committed to introducing the global hunting communities to the benefits of hunting gears.

Here with great honor to introduce the first batch of HIKHunter+:


HIKHunter Family is dedicated to pioneering hunters passionate about leading the conversation around the innovative thermal and digital imaging technologies of HIKMICRO. We will consistently HUNT TO EXPLORE and grow together with you, dedicated to enhancing the hunting experience for customers and enabling them to See the World in a New Way. 

Don't hunt alone, forge new friendships, share your stories, and grow with us.


CLICK TO JOIN HIKHUNTER FAMILY AND START YOUR ADVENTURES TODAY! ønsker å bruke analytiske informasjonskapsler og andre lignende sporingsteknologier («informasjonskapsler») for å hjelpe oss med å forbedre nettstedet vårt. Informasjonskapslene samler inn informasjon på en måte som ikke direkte identifiserer noen. For mer informasjon om informasjonskapslene vi bruker, se vår cookies policy her.

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